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SMDC Condo In Makati - Complete Details

SMDC Air Residences

The Air Residences is among the SMDC’s best project of Residential Condo in Makati.  The apartment provides its residents with an experience to enjoy the wistful, everlasting and artistic attractiveness of the city of Makati. The Air Residences gives you an upgraded lifestyle with a convenient area for the great comfort of its five-star amenities. The apartment is located just within the Philippines’ business center and financial district. Living in the apartment gives you unending success at your doorstep.

Air Residences Location
The residence is the home to the headquarters of the multinationals and the country’s highly ranked corporation. Air Residences is located just right at Ayala Avenue; it brings you success at your doorstep.  The apartment is located at Yakal and Malugay Streets, San Antonio in Makati City. The residence is few meters away from the Makati CBD, and it is also near institutional and commercial establishments like the SM Hypermarket Makati and the SM Makati. The apartment is located near the best schools in the country such as Far Eastern University, Assumption College, Mapua, Colegio de San Agustin, etc. There are also graduate schools such as Ateneo-de La Costa campus, Dela Salle Buendia, and the Asian Institute of Management. Near the residence, there is RCBC Theater, Makati Medical Center, Ayala Museum and much more.

At the Air Residences, your transportation problems should not worry you since they are an issue of the past. There are taxis, jeepneys, and buses which are much more accessible from the premises. The MRT station is just minutes away from the residences, and your service car can pick you up with ease. With the apartment’s convenient locality, transportation problem is no longer an issue.

Since striking a balance between the vibrant social life and a demanding work schedule is key to a successful life, the Air Residences brings it up to notch by giving its residents a handyman and a front desk services to help its residents with their day to day journey of success.

Features Within the Air Residences
The residences have a twenty-four-hour security system. The residents worry less about the security issues since all the condo units are monitored well. There are CCTV cameras which are located at strategic places within the premises. One can walk around the residence at any time of the night or day with less fear since the security at the facilities is tight. All the parking places within the residence are properly monitored, the inhabitants should not worry about how to secure their cars or motorbikes are while at the parking slots. All the condo units have monitored burglar alarm systems which alert the homeowners as well as the authorities in a case of any strangers breaking in their homes unauthorized. 

Every person wishes to get her or his mails just from the comfort of their homes. The mailboxes are placed at strategic places within the residences where the residents can easily access their mails with ease. All they are required to do is just top alter their mail addresses to the Air Residences address for them to get their mails just next to their doorstep. How good is that? All your mails at your doorstep.

There are automatic fire sprinklers that are located in various areas within the building. The automatic fire sprinklers were installed in the apartment since they are one of the most effective methods to deal with fire outbreak in its early stages before it causes worse injury to the residents and destroy their valuable property. The automatic fire sprinklers within the apartment are important since they automatically react to unusual or high temperatures from the homes of the residents. Hence, the residents have to worry less of the fire outbreaks while at the residence. Another major reason of having automated fire sprinklers is that they give discounts on most insurance premiums. This helps the inhabitants to have fewer worries concerning their properties being destroyed by any fire outbreaks.

Another important feature of the apartment is the Centralized Garbage Disposal and Collection system. The centralized garbage system is advantageous for hygiene reasons within the apartment. The residents worry less of where to dispose all their house waste since there is a place where they can dispose the garbage.  A centralized garbage is very important in residential areas since the waste products can easily be disposed of and the garbage collectors can find it easy to choose the waste products which can be recycled.

Most of the homeowners’ features are supported by the presence of electricity power in their condo units. The Air Residences has good electricity power systems that support every type of electronics that the residents have in their homes. In the case of loss of electricity power, the developers of the residences have installed various standby generators which are used as power back-ups. Take a chance and purchase one condo units at the Air Residences to enjoy a great lifestyle with no power problems at any single time.

Air Residences is well supported by a professional property management services which include comfortable lifestyle provided to the inhabitants, luxury, and security. The management team makes sure that all security systems are well monitored, give all the amenities that the individuals want, and the swimming pools are well maintained. One important thing to note about the Air Residences is that all the condo units are spacious. The units have a dining, kitchen and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms and toilets that are well designed.

Amenities at the Air Residences
Living at the Air Residences gives you an opportunity to be surrounded by various amenities that gives a much lively selection for entertainment and relaxation. The apartment has an appointed clubhouse which is a good place of convergence with friend, family and loved ones. The residents are given the privilege to walk around the great landscape area. Also, the inhabitants are provided with wide-open life at the premises. The residents can spend part of their free time in the swimming pools.

The available swimming pools at the residences are well maintained. The developers of the Air Residences had to make sure there is the presence of swimming pools for the health benefits of the residents. The presence of the swimming pools in the premises is important because of many reasons. Swimming activity is one of the well-recognized body therapy for us humans since all the body muscles are involved in the swimming act. Also, swimming assists us in breaking down excess fat in the body. Did you know that swimming is a great recreational activity for everyone? Both the young and the adults. Swimming activities give one low-impact workout and a great feeling as well as relaxation. Some of the good swimming styles during swimming include freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and sidestroke.

The apartment also has rooms like game rooms, gym room, and library. The library provides the residents with a great and quiet environment where one can do private studies or go through their magazines and novels.  The gym rooms have all the resources that a gym room needs for various styles of working out. The game rooms support different sports such as table tennis, basketball and much more. Also, the residence worries less of where to hold their various functions. Air Residences have various functional rooms where the inhabitants are given the privilege their different function such as parties, personal meetings, happy birthdays and much more.
The residence is a Multi-Purpose apartment. The apartments are split in a way that they support all types of work a human requires to do in a day. The residences consist of recreational area, relaxation area, shopping area and much more area. All the condo units have a main lobby.
The apartment has enough parking area for both motorcycles and cars. The parking spaces are more than the number of units in the premises. Hence, for the residents with more than one car, there is plenty parking slots for all their cars. The parking location is well secured since the area has well-monitored CCTV cameras.

Special Features
The apartment is integrated with prominent commercial developer or Malls. The Mall within the complex attracts more individuals to purchase a unit at the premises since all of their shopping can be complete just few steps away from their doorstep. The Mall is opened throughout the day and throughout the late hours at night. The inhabitants find the Mall being convenient since it is easily accessible at any time of the day. 

The presences of restaurants and hotels is another great factor that contributes to the success of the Air Residences. Some of the hotels and restaurants operate during the late hours. The hotels offer the inhabitants good services especially to the individuals who do not like spending their precious time in cooking or those people who are tired from a long day of work and have less strength to do their cooking at the house. The hotels prepare almost all kinds of food, both national and international foods. 
The amenities within the premises all have a five-star rate. The amenities are of great quality because they are monitored well and give the residents quality fun. The amenities provide the residents with a feeling of vacation on normal days. Take this opportunity and purchase a unit at the Air Residences to enjoy the amenities just steps away from your doorstep.

The property management services given to the inhabitants also contributes to the success of the Air Residences. The management team has worked hard in making sure the needs and comfort of the residents are delivered. The management services include great security, meeting the needs of the inhabitants and maintenance services.

The premises are at a prime location since it is easy to access the available business institutions, hospitals, and schools within the area. There are easily accessible public and private transportation that are ready to take the residents to their desired destination. The people with kids should have fewer worries on where their children can study since there various schools within the area. The school institutions give quality education to the kids. The hospitals in the area are properly managed and take great care of their patients.

Why you should live at Air Residences
Living at Air Residences bring people from various culture together. The inhabitants socialize in one way or another. With no socialization, children will have no chance of developing their skills in future. Kids who do not socialize may take longer or may not walk, read, talk, use the bathroom and much more. Also, the children who do not socialize can develop both mental and physical issues. Not only the kids benefit from socialization but also the teenagers and adults. Through socialization, we help build long time relationship with others. Living at the premises play a great role in socialization.

All the great amenities you want are all provided at the Air Residences. The amenities can be accessed just a few steps away from your doorstep. All the available amenities at the premises are highly rated. Purchase a condo unit at the apartment to improve your lifestyle by enjoying all the available amenities.

Another reason of living at Air Residences is that the area is secure and convenient. A twenty-four-hour security surrounds the place. All the problems of security are solved by the property management service team. Staying at the residence is convenient because it is easy to access most resources meters away from your home. There are Health Institutions, Education Institutions, Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafes within the area.

All the condo units are at reasonable prices. The apartment gives more resources than what the resident’s money worth. Do not wait, purchase one or more units at Air Residences and you will never regret staying in the residences. You will find everything while living on the premises. One can also buy a condo unit at the residence and rent it, which is a great method of investing.

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